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Small Obsession, 2011


                                     Small Obsession

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It may not contain dolls, and it may not exactly be what everyone else thinks of as a house. It may have originated as a model for an interior at 1:12 scale. It may be a miniature set where films are made, or dramas enacted, serving to illustrate passions and experiences that have no other outlet. It may be a cabinet of exotic and costly miniatures made to satisfy an adult's craving for beauty. It may be a shrine to a personal or collective memory, a house of the spirit. Or, it may look and function like a "normal" dollhouse...having been made for the artist, instead of a child.

Small Obsession brings together 20 artists whose works runs the gamut from animation to sculpture, and from photography to oil painting. Each artist or artist collaboration brings a completely different perspective to miniature worlds--why they were created, who they are for, and whether they are lighthearted or deadly serious.

Small Obsession runs from May 21 - June 25, 2011. The opening reception is May 22, 4-6 pm. Artists talks will be given.


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